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Drilling for Oil     (Search for similar jokes)
Drilling for oil is boring.
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Buying the Bank     (Search for similar jokes)
Did you hear about the guy who bought the underground storage room of the bank?
People complained that it was all his vault.
(vault: 259 of 413)

Undead Dracula     (Search for similar jokes)
If Dracula is killed, and then brought back to life, has he been re-vamped?
(vamped: 260 of 413)

The Cheap American Football Coach     (Search for similar jokes)
Did you hear about the American Football coach who spent 25 cents to get a better passing game?
It turned out that what he got was worse than before, so he asked for his quarterback.
(quarter: 261 of 413)

The Musical Train Driver     (Search for similar jokes)
A train driver on a local city line was also a keen musician. He bought himself a small, painted garden ornament to help him keep his music in time.
He called it his Metro-Gnome.
(metro: 262 of 413)

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