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Pinewood worshipers     (Search for similar jokes)
Many hundreds of years ago, there was a tribe of people who worshipped pine trees.
Everything they did was based around pine trees and pine wood. They built their homes from pine logs; they ate off pinewood plates... Everything.
But the part of the tree that they were most fixated with was the green pine branches. These were used as ceremonial fans, similar to the way the Egyptians used palm leaves (although not as effective...).
Then, one day, they had their first contact with a missionary monk. Being hospitable people, they invited the monk into their village, and after a while when he had been there some time, he started explaining to them why his religion was better.
It didn't take long for him to convert the entire village, and they so started to get rid of the trappings of their old wooden faith. The first things to go were the ceremonial fans.
So you could say, it was "Out with the pine fan, in with the friar."

(By Simon Champion)
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