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Shopping Duck     (Search for similar jokes)
A duck goes into a shop and asks, "Can I have some lip salve please?"
The shop assistant asks, "Will you be paying cash?"
The duck replies, "No thank you, just put it on my bill."
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Arrowing     (Search for similar jokes)
If you get shot with a bow, would you have an 'arrowing experience? Could it be said that you axed for it? Of course, that's not a knife thing to say, and I don't want any quarrels with you, so I'll spear you the details...
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Chicken crossed the playground?     (Search for similar jokes)
Q: Why did the chicken cross the playground?
A: To get to the other slide.
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Left or right?     (Search for similar jokes)
If you can only go left or right, and you know that left isn't right, then by a process of elimination, right must be right because it's the only way left.
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Speech! Speech!     (Search for similar jokes)
"S-peach, s-peach," they cried. He stepped up to the podium.
"I want to ap-peas you all, but I will not be apple to speak today. I always go off on irrelevant tangerines. Avocado-go now. It's bean grape.

Submitted by Jane E.
(tangerines: 15 of 69)

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