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Sticky fingers     (Search for similar jokes)
News is coming in of a group of sticky-fingered thieves who apparently get a buzz out of breaking into a bee-keeper's yard and stealing the honey. Police are organizing a sting operation to catch them as they make a bee-line for their next target. It is hoped they will learn to behive themselves, or else they'll end up spending a night in the cells.
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NOTICE     (Search for similar jokes)
Thank you for noticing this notice. Now that you've noticed this notice, you may have noticed that this notice is noticably unnoticable.
You may wish to make a note of this.
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Fish Ghost     (Search for similar jokes)
What do you call a lonely Korean fish spirit?
A sole Seoul sole soul.
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Infrastructure     (Search for similar jokes)
If your infrastructure isn't working, then maybe you haven't infra-read the manual properly.
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Fish Latin.     (Search for similar jokes)
Caviar Emptor - Beware of the fish.
Carp Diem - Seize the fish.
Veni, Vidi, Fishy - I came, I saw, I fished.
Cod Erat Demonstrandum - Proving the fish.
Squid pro quo - Done a fishy deal.
Tempus Fish-it - Time flies when you're fishing.
Prima Fishy - First fish.

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