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Link to welcomes other sites which wish to link to us. You do not have to tell us about a link you create, although we do appreciate knowing (we might even link back to you, you never know).

If you specifically want a reciprocal link, please email us at, telling us your site's address, where on your site the link will be, and what sort of link you want (banner, button, logo or text).

When linking to, you may use any of the following:
  • A text link - This can be in any format you like, but here are some suggestions: - The site where you get your muds wordled. - Get your muds wordled!
  • Our Logo. See the logo graphic on the top of all the pages in the site.
  • Our banner. See below:

  • Our button. See below:

If you're using one of the graphics, please copy it to your site - do not have the graphic load on your site from my server.
If you're unsure of the HTML code to use for any of these links, please email me, and I'll send you instructions.
Feel free to link in some other way if you like. The above choices are not cast in stone; your site's layout may require something different. Feel free to get in touch if you need a specific graphic, etc.

Link Policy - for reciprocal and other links.
Before asking for a link on, please check that your site fulfills the following criteria:
  • Your site must be family safe. No dirty jokes, no bad language, no vulgar pictures, and definitely no pornography.
    Links to other sites with this material will also count against you, although I appreciate that you probably don't have much control over the content of sites linked with you.
    I can be flexible, of course - every link request is taken on it's merits.
  • Your site should be of interest to my readership.
    Generally speaking, that would mean your site is probably a jokes, cartoon, or wordplay site. Again, I can be flexible here, but please don't be offended if I reject you for this.
  • Your site should be of good quality. I won't link to a site that I personally don't like.
    Stuff I don't like on a web site include things like pop-up advertising windows, annoying music, inconsistent or just poor layout and design...
    If your site has any of these things, it would have to have some excellent content to make up for it!
If your site does not match these criteria, it is unlikely to be get a link on

If you have any further questions about linking with us, please feel free to get in touch.

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