values your privacy. We collect an absolute minimum of personal information. What information we do collect is detailed below:

  • Submit a joke

    If you submit a joke to us, it may be via email, web form, social media, or other methods. If we choose to publish the joke, you have the option of having your name credited against it. Please let us know in your submission whether you want this or not.

  • Competitions

    We may from time to time run a competition on this site. We strongly dislike competitions that require you to enter a lot of personal data, so we promise to minimise the amount of information you need to enter in order to enter. In the event that you are the winner, we may need to ask for more information, such as a delivery address for a prize, but this will only be asked for in you win. If you enter a competition, we will keep the data associated with the competition entry until the competition has finished and the prizes accepted.

  • Contacting us

    You may contact us for any other reason by using the form on the Contact Us page. What we do with the details you enter on this form will obviously depend on the content of your message, but at a minimum, we promise not to use your details for anything other than for responding to you and dealing with your request.

  • Mailing list

    If you wish to subscribe to any email services offered by the site, you will need to provide, at a minimum, your email address in order to do so. This will be retained for as long as you wish to subscribe. You will be able to unsubscribe via the site or via an unsubscribe link in the mail that is sent out.

  • Registered Accounts

    You may wish to create a user account on the site. This is not required in order to access the content, but if you do wish to do so, you will need to submit personal details including your name and email address, and these details will be kept for as long as you retain your account.

  • Cookies

    The site uses a minimum of cookies. Users are not required to log in or give any details in order to access the content, however some cookies may still be used in order to help make the site work as intended.

  • Third party advertising

    TheĀ  site relies on advertising to cover its hosting costs. These adverts may be supplied by Google Ads or other networks, which may set their own cookies.

  • Third parties

    We may use third party services to help us with this site. Examples include advertising networks, competition managers, analytics, or social media sites. Those services will have their own terms and conditions and privacy policy; please read these as carefully as you have read our policies.

  • Deletion of Personal Details

    If you are concerned about what details the site holds about you, you may contact us and request that we delete it. Please use the main Contact Us form for this.

  • Location of Data

    All data stored by this site is held in the UK.